Nicolas Lefeuvre

Opening Reception: Saturday, Sep. 9th, 2017, 17:00-20:00

Exhibition Dates: Sep. 10th - Oct. 8th , 2017

ArtCN is pleased to present "Land(e)scapes" the first solo exhibition in Shanghai of French artist N17 Nicolas Lefeuvre.

After Singapore and Tokyo, Nicolas settled down in Hong Kong and China in 2013, a new playground that served as a metamorphosis. Few years later, “Land(e)scapes“ appeared, following his previous series, “The State I Am In”. Nicolas makes up his own language, reinventing himself constantly. He discovers new sensations and soars in the float of body and mind. Living the moment, being in the now, remains his mind-set. “Land(e)scapes” is a true inner quest, a search for the aesthetic, without a specific message. Nicolas is anchored in his reality: memories, numbers, letters, ideograms, superstition. His art evolves as he immersed himself in the depths of Asia, in his nocturnal flights, watching the world at night through portholes, the impact of light ondeep blue skies and night mist.

This is a very personal work, sensual and exploratory, where gold in indigo triggers the lights of an unattainable city.

Working alone in his ivory tower, Nicholas becomes one with his art and his materials. No easel. He prefers to work lying directly on the floor. His hands gently caress each roll of white paper, as he would the body of a woman, lying down, facing his art as he would an x-ray image. And suddenly, a true sensuality emerges from these precise gestures, evident, confident, almost mathematical. A constant need for purifying, simplifying, unifying. (...) Never constrain what the material wants to do. It travels, spreads, diffuses, tires and then becomes fixed. Like any body of material, it will dry, crack to offer a barren and rich scenery.
Nicolas’ technique is executed according to the artistic rules of applying gold pigment on white paper. Gold powder from Japan is so light and lacking in density that its nature is virtually infinitesimal.(...) The application of the pigment must be timed perfectly otherwise if too early it would sink, submerged by the weight of the thick ink. And not too late, as it would not blend sufficiently with the liquid. With tools carefully chosen, his rollers disperse blue tints, thanks to the successive waves
 of ink which conquer the large white paper field. The work, while not losing is quintessential nature, takes on an additional essence, a new utility. Regular, horizontal and vertical strokes... an intersection of lives of the past, present and future. Visual, gestural and geometric abstraction.
From a distance, you will see graphic cut-outs, on a horizon, enhanced by goldenreflections. A dark blue musical score is drawn to offer melody without lyrics, like acinematographic soundtrack or a piece of baroque music. (...)

A distant time that may never have existed. Horizon as landscape, an escape from a humdrum routine.

—— Excerpted from comments by Virginie Grillet, Independent Writer July 2017