Without Why

Quentin Derouet, Wan Qiong

Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov. 11th, 2017, 17:00-20:00

Exhibition Dates: Nov. 12th - Dec. 17th, 2017

Our mind is always distracted by our surroundings and we find ourselves often longing for a hidden spot in the mountains at the end of a winding path. Once there we wish to find our inner peace, to become a bystander of this ever changing world, at the same time we look for a way to free ourselves from the countless obligations and duties tying us up on our daily lives.

In her work, Wan Qiong has put her soul into a meticulous and sensitive process. Her ceramic sculptures are not only the endeavor of her installation but also become a vessel for her emotions. The visual impact created by the lights and shadows cast over the shaped bamboo reflect her inner feelings, poised but full of tensions. The world seems to be borderless, however there are invisible connections between everything. These ceramic bamboo objects stand there quietly, with their indomitable spirits, natural and reachable.
Wan Qiong created this series of “bamboos” based on the visual illusions and concepts perceived in her surroundings. Different from her earlier series, when looking closely to these nine tall bamboo works, we notice the delicate glazed details randomly enveloping the surface of each piece like a lace. The characteristics of a classic bamboo has been transformed with a modern style freehand technique into a new aesthetics with the unpredictable changes of the glaze. Maybe there is no more appropriate description than the Chinese saying “Flowers are more than flowers, fog is not just fog”. The size of each ceramic work was restricted by the size of the kiln.
However Wan Qiong was able to get around this difficulty as she decided to shape her work into different segments, breaking the limitation of the height since each molded part is inter-dependant (inter-changeable??). The result is a series of white ceramic “columns” which seem to have sprouted randomly from the ground, offering an eerie sight under dim lights, taking the viewer into a fantasy world and the start of an inner journey. The craftsmanship can be easily seen in her ceramic work, elegant, simple yet ingenious. The silk hanging from the floor to the beam is an extension of her dreams. In the designated exhibition space, we follow the context of the artist, trying to figure out the links between groups and individual parts. This installation is also an exploration of multi-dimension art outside the canvas; the glazed details on the ceramic giving the work a distinctive personality and density reflecting the artist’s emotions.

Charlie Wang (Independent Art Journalist)