Wander Land

André Cervera

Opening Reception: 25th Feb. 2017, 17:00-20:00

Exhibition Dates: Feb. 26th – Mar. 31st, 2017

“This exhibition serves as an invitation to travel.

This journey takes the viewer through the history of Western Art and the reinterpretation of a few selected masterpieces which have deeply nurtured my passion for painting.

It has also a geographical dimension as I traveled to these different continents for more than twenty years, immersing myself in rich and exotic foreign cultures established on our beautiful planet.

This exhibition is designed to be subjective rather than exhaustive, a poetic narrative of well known paintings in the history of art and history of the lands that have always fascinated me such as China and India.

It is a poetic and formal journey that reinvents the pictural codification whether from a black and white palette or a colourful one, on paper or canvas and collages, it leads me to explore diverse thematics such as still life and portrait.

I invite you to travel through my paintings and come closer to my Wander Land.”

- André Cervera