Quentin Derouet

Born in 1988 Quentin Derouet graduated magna cum laude from La Villa Arson (France) in 2012. The city of Nice awarded him for his minimal yet remarkable performance: tracing a line with a crushed rose on a wall.
Today, he shares his time between Paris and Nice where he settled his studios.

In 2014 Quentin met with the artist Fabrice Hyber and one of the most famous rose producer the Meilland Company in Salon-de-Provence. Together they developed a new variety of rose which special characteristic was to leave the most beautiful trace when pressed upon a surface.

Quentin Derouet has exhibited in galleries in France and at the Museum of Modern Art in Saint Étienne, during the FIAC in Paris, at the Kunst Merano Arte in Italy and at Villa Arson in Nice.