It will Be Short: the interim is mine

Li Jingfei

Opening Reception: October 17th, 2015, 17:00-20:00

Exhibition Dates: October 17th - November 15th, 2015

Li Jingfei is an artist, designer and creator of multimedia concert. She has studied and lived in France for many years, resides in Shanghai now.

Music, painting, movie, photography and various fields she explored and operated before, in fact, could be concluded to one topic in this exhibition: all our activities rely on the time evolution. Certainly, this topic is too board to get people lost and it sounds neutral enough like a scientific statement. This exhibition conceives that time is visible; that feature of lights and those photons which are smacking onto photographic paper and retina will lead us to reach “Flying arrow is not moving” , the other world which Zeno of Elea’s stated.

That’s why, the imminence of time is almost violent, absolutely invalidates our will, which becomes correspondent with our efforts of trying to save our existence trace. The stronger you resist, the more power time exerts; no matter what kind of trace we had once left, eventually, everything will be wiped away relentlessly. We were born in time, we were dead in time, what we could have is just the transient interim of time.

Nevertheless, as the Greek said, “Let alone sorrow or joy, time is always stagnated when it is a meaningful moment.”