dubravka vidovic

Opening Reception: September 8th, 2018, 17:00

Exhibition Dates: September 9th - October 14th, 2018

ArtCN is pleased to present Dubravka Vidović’s sequel exhibition “Interstices” featuring this time her complete body of work on the Shikumen's Walls created during the years 2010 - 2018. Over these years, Vidović became fascinated with the old “stone gates” and lane houses, considered to be part of Shanghai’s cultural heritage, and their visible decrepit aspects. Knowing many were bound for destruction, sacrificed by men for urban and economic development, Vidović viewed these crumpling stonewalls like “fragile and romantic remnants of the past”. Her approach is pluralistic and can be understood beyond Shanghai's urban and cultural context.

Dubravka Vidović expresses herself through photography, installation and video offering artistic reflection based on her life experience of growing up in conflicted Croatia, moving to Italy and eventually living in Shanghai for the past decade. In each place, Vidović collected elements, which became interconnected, overlapping memories often confronting the notions of "permanent" and "temporary" in a search of a way to keep the memory of a lost urban reality. In 2014 Dubravka Vidović has been invited to show part of her series Shikumen's walls in a solo exhibition titled "Exile" in OCAT Shanghai and during the Festival "Art in The City" in chi K11 art space with ArtCN Gallery.

“My work is often described as poetic. This is probably why my focus was never to find a definite style, but to recognize poetry in my various artistic endeavors. My guiding framework is to translate the reality of the world into a voice, a reflection. At times, the poetic journey can become political and strong. At others, the slightest change in a "familiar surrounding" can reveal a whole new meaning, an unusual or a personal place.
I use a variety of media - photography, installation, video, assemblage, archives - with a reflective purpose. My quest is to find the most effective way of presenting the concrete essence of each work and that in turn determines eventually the medium I use. For me, photography is conceived as a transformative space, arranging ephemeral interventions and installations before taking shots. I can then capture my formae mentis, the contents I wish to convey.

In the photographic series Shikumen's Walls's started in 2010 after my moving to Shanghai, I was absorbed by the idea of reinventing imaginary human traces belonging to these abandoned houses. From these traces emanated the soul of the city. To me this work does not just illustrate the Shikumen houses in Shanghai as ephemeral architectural structures. It also offers a reflection on the fragility of home, exile, familiar territory, globalization, borders, barriers and walls, the permanent and the temporary, the past and present… all these telling us the story of migration, exile and walls within our world today. ”
—— Dubravka Vidović