The Seekers Project 寻根者

Autumn Lyn 林景秋

展览日期:2020年3月12日 - 4月12日
Exhibition Dates: 12th Mar. - 12th Apr. 2020

2019年初,在林景秋梳理着自己每个人生阶段的同时,开始了一次关于“寻根”的探险,采访所有她人生中的同行者与随机偶遇的人。只提出一个简单的问题:“你,在寻找什么?” 这当中并没有特定的答案,但从她得到的回应里却满载着各种不同的想法和语言,显示了世界各地人们思想与梦想的多样性。本次展览所将要呈现的摄影作品及内容只是这个正在不断扩张的项目之其中一部分,在过去不到一年的时间里,参与项目的受访者已超过250位。受访者的年龄、背景、工作和出身皆各不相同,且每种回答都不仅仅是对特定参数的反映,有的人渴望一种归属感,而有的人只是想要些点缀的美好。林景秋通过寻根放大镜细细端视,并刻画出一颗向内凝视最优美的圆。 


——策展人, Peter Hagan

In 2019, Autumn Lyn began a project to interview people she knew and people she encountered serendipitously. She asked a single question, “What are you seeking?” Without intending any specific response, she was answered with ideas and language that shows the diversity of thoughts and dreams of people across the world. The selection of photographs and quotations presented is just a handful of an ever-growing library that in less than a year includes over 250 people. Respondents vary in age, background, livelihood, and origin, and each response is more than a reflection of particular parameters; some people long for belonging, others simply want something sweet. And by using a looking glass to magnify the eyes, the artist creates a graceful circular metaphor for peering inward. 
There is also a discussion about dignity embedded in these pieces. First is the act of revealing a desire to an unknown audience: a woman recording with an iPhone, and anyone beyond. Speaking your desires aloud makes them real and is the foundation for responsibility. Second is an act by the audience. By engaging with these pieces, we confirm their validity that they are seeking some truth in life and doing so uniquely is valid. It is clear that each person here is an individual, but when placed together we can see how human purpose and meaning are refracted and magnified through life. In turn, the exhibition validates what we seek, be it an accomplishment or our next meal.

These pieces are gentle brushes across the moire of the lives of strangers. When we leave the exhibit, which person will we carry with us? Do they reflect something recognizable within ourselves as well? In a time of such uncertainty, a gentle touch may mean more than we realize. We hope this exhibition stands as a testament to the warmth of people, even those we will never meet. 

——Curator, Peter Hagan